Standard Package 150.00


Image disc with up to 7 edited image with full copyright release.

(additional images may be purchased as well as physical prints)

One hour shoot time one location


Deluxe package 200.00


Image disc with up to 12 edited images with copyright release.

Up to an 1 1/2 hours of shoot time 2 locations.


Ultra Package 300.00

Image disc with up to 18 edited images with full copyright release.

Unlimited shooting time and locations


* We do offer composites on any image of your choosing. This is where you combine multiple pictures to give it a more dynamic feel usually involving unique background (See above image) These are perfect for sports, clubs, hunting, etc. Composites are very time consuming and are only av. as add ons due to how long they take to complete. Add 50.00 to each package for any composite or 2 for 85.00.