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Photography is a way of life for me. There are so many beautiful objects in our everyday life that we miss because of our busy schedules. Through photography, I've learned to pause for a moment and notice the way the light reflects of an old building in New Orleans breathing life into a once forgotten haven or walking down the street seeing an old coupe hand in hand still in love after all this time. I base my photographs on the simplicity of everyday life. Moments in time, that need to be remembered and should be preserved for children and future generations to view.
Sure everyone wants posed photographs which are in themselves wonderful but instead of going to the same locations and having the same pics done that everyone else has, I work hard on finding unique ways of making every single session different. I work hand in hand with you before your session to ensure we find the perfect location and type of shoot that fits YOU.

Here are a few things you may want to know about me as far as my work and ability goes:

-I am a CPP ( certified Prof. Photographer) Many people can say they are photographers and make a website but not everyone goes through the constant training and re-certification which benefits clients and photographers alike.

-PPLA Memeber ( Prof. Photographer's of Louisiana 
-RAW Photographer of the Month
-Published Modeling photography work in local and national magazines
-Featured work on WDSU 6
-Corporate work for multiple local and national companies, websites, and 3rd parties.
-Concert photographer for multiple local and worldwide bands/promo and album images
-Youth, college, and pro sports photography experience.