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Weddings during Covid-19

It is uncertain times we are living in today, and planning a wedding during these times can seem like an impossible task. While we are not saying it is going to be easy, it is not impossible, and while you may have to rethink some aspects of the wedding to ensure everyone is safe. You can still have a beautiful wedding to celebrate your love before your family and friends. Here are a few tips to help you with your planning.

Follow local and National Recommendations.

Look at the rules and regulations of your local area. These will provide an idea of where to start planning your wedding. Also, check out the CDC guidelines to see what they recommend and go from there.

Call your Vendors

If you had already booked your vendors but had to reschedule your wedding due to the pandemic, call them up and see what your options are. Most of them will be happy to rearrange your rescheduled date but if they cannot you should not that it is standard for any deposits you have paid to be non-refundable.

You should also ensure to talk with your vendors about their Covid-19 policies and how they intend to implement them during your wedding. Also, ensure you discuss your role in implementing some of the policies, as the client, to ensure you and your guests are safe.


If you had already booked a venue, call them up, and discuss your options. Inquire if they are still allowing events to be held in their location? Will they allow you to reschedule? Will they give you a refund? What are their restrictions and regulations?

If you have to find a new venue, then you should strongly consider having it outside. Outside is better. You have open-air, better ventilation, and more space, thus, less risk of transmission and contact.

Keep it Small and Communicate with your Guests

While the number of guests you can have will vary depending on your location, size of the venue, and whether it is indoors or outdoors, it is safer to keep the wedding small and intimate. If you had already sent out invitations, you might have to rescind some of those invitations. Any reasonable guest will perfectly understand you having to graciously uninvite them because of Covid. You can even consider live-streaming your wedding for the guests that can’t make it to the wedding.

Ensure to communicate with your guests all the rules and regulations. You can even go a step further and provide your guests with PPEs such as masks and hand sanitizers.

Have fun

Last but not least, have fun! It is your special day, and you should thoroughly and safely enjoy it.


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